Scaling wildlife protection

The mission of Masarang Foundation is to regenerate rain forests by creating a model that can be scaled worldwide by using open-sourced Internet infrastructure. Help the Foundation scale the area it’s working with to 10.000.000 hectares and enable anyone to adopt and adapt their model to re-grow their local or national rain forest.

Winning Solution: BerChain

Invest in getting solutions

NGOs are facing the challenge of proving themselves as trustworthy. Although there is so much information available NGOs have not enough visibility of what actual impact they make with donations. At the same time they are lacking of means & tools to improve their marketing. Therefore they use a lot of capital to build their brand or getting certified as ‘trustworthy’.

The BerChain solution provides NGOs with a badge that can be published on websites and social media presenting the impact of that NGO in a KPI-dashboard (Key Performance Indicator), backed by real-time validated data.

Donators can now for the first time directly invest in a goal, and check how the impact changes over time and use it to enhance their own reputation (e.g. CSR). The provided dashboard can be enriched with additional information to educate donators on impacts.

If trust is an issue a centralized database where access and information is controlled by that entity is not a valid solution (a badge and also a dashboard can be easily copied so it is important that anyone can verify the claims that were made). The teams blockchain-solution, with the transactions being fully transparent and immutable, makes sure that the badge is based on validated data.

Willie Smits: How to restore a rainforest?