Manage your own retirement plan

Financial independence & retiring early.

BUIDL with APG, the largest pension service provider in Europe, to find solutions that will enable us to explore completely new career paths. Could #Tokenization support financial independence and security? Could we retire at 40 to pursue non-profitable ambitions and live comfortably? How will you manage your own retirement plan?

Winning Solution: Tradisys

Incentivizing people to start saving for pensions

Most people do not start putting aside additional money for retirement early on, but are substantially involved in social work.

The teams solution, a volunteer job marketplace called connects social organisations who need volunteers with citizens willing to contribute.

The remuneration in the Netherlands is tax-free up to 1700 euro per year and in this solution is deposited into an optional pension plan. With 4.2 hours volunteering a week (national average) at 5 euro per hour, there will be an extra 150.000 euro in peoples retirement fund (based on 35 years of volunteering and 7% annual return delivered by the pension fund).

The solution can be technically implemented without blockchain, but it is beneficial to use:

1) The optional pension plan in question is a long lasting endeavour spanning over several decades before the person retires. Immutable record history is essential for transparency in such case.

2) All pension funds should be able to participate in the solution: there has to be a common reward mechanism for all end users involved, regardless of which fund they are subscribed to and especially if the user changes pension fund.

Interview with Hidde Terpoorten, APG