Value before retirement

APG, the largest pension service provider in Europe. is in the process of reinventing itself and invites you to find completely new ways of creating value for participants before(!) they retire. As a team you can leverage the extensive knowledge of APG as well as their state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Winning Solution: OVSoftware

Voting for your pension fund investments

Your pension fund or pension service provider invests your pension premium. Currently, you do not have a say in which causes they invest. With the solution of the OVSoftware team, you get to invest in (and choose) the world you want to live in when you retire.

As a pension fund participant you get 100 retirement coins (RETI) a month, which function as voting rights. As soon as a certain purpose has enough votes (coins), the pension fund will invest in this purpose.

As you receive badges for being a voter, you can create a community around a certain purpose, teaming up with like-minded people, engaging and enthusing your colleagues to use their coins to vote for this purpose.

By using blockchain technology, you yourself can track the coins to be sure the pension service provider invested in ‘your’ cause. The team used blockchain to make a smart contract that creates a transparent and irrevocable vote which guarantees investments in those goals that you voted for. The solution also makes sure the data and the voting system is not owned by the pension fund and ensures the scalability of the system beyond one pension service provider.

Interview with Hidde Terpoorten, APG