International Travel

How to communicate biometric data safely in a multi-stakeholder setting?

KLM and its partners want to deliver a smooth, hygienic, hands-free experience for its travellers, as reports show that international air arrivals are expected to reach 7.4 billion travellers in 2035, double today’s number.

Winning Solution: idShapers

2 clicks instead of 2 hours in line at the airport

GDPR forces companies to not own certain data of their customers, something they have been used to doing for many years. Still, these companies ‘need’ our data to interact with us, the users.

In the light of an airline this interaction even becomes ‘checking’, as an airline needs to know who is on board. This can for instance lead to super long waiting lines.

idShapers created a common interface for trust and control, which is portable (mobile phone) and outside any company control, while still being user friendly and compliant with the needs of an airline: 2 clicks instead of waiting in line for 2 hours.

The team used the Factom blockchain, which allows immutable logging of data sharing and revocation. This means easier compliance and managed risk for all business entities in the ecosystem. Blockchain also allows for decentralized discovery of airport services and their public keys – for data sharing. This decentralized infrastructure will open opportunities for new businesses.

idShapers used U-port SDK for claims storage on the users mobile device. This creates a framework for portable identities.

Interview with Jordie Knoppers, KLM