Creating a mobile virtual power plant

How can we use electric cars as mobile virtual power plants for better electricity grid balance? Winning hackathon solutions will be incubated and scaled in the European energy market with Vattenfall.

Winning Solution: Horsepower

Bringing virtual power plants for cost-effective ev-charging to cities

There is not enough charging power in houses and cities for charging ever more and more electric cars. Grid operators cannot solve this issue, as the building infrastructure belongs to the landlord, which finds the investments in the in-house powerline too big.

HorsePower team (Porsche Digital Lab) created the blueprint for a cooperative allowing local communities to get the required infrastructure in place. Members participate in mobile power plants with their EV’s batteries. Intelligent software manages the charging of cars based on the availability and price of electricity.

With machine learning tools and predictive analysis, the solution forecasts the individual based consumption pattern, for the cars (the virtual power plants) to charge or release energy when needed.

A blockchain platform is used to safeguard the transactions that will be performed between participants in a community. Every community will have its own side chain to improve the performance and save transaction costs. As there is a ‘debt’ token to trace the energy consumption, there is reduced incentive for a security attack. HorsePower used several cloud services (lambda, AWS) to integrate the modules and have the possibility to scale effectively.

Interview with Michiel Sintenie, Vattenfall