Digital Nation's Infrastructure

The key to a functioning nation in 2019 is its digital infrastructure. Can we create government-backed protocols and distributed data ecosystems and use the government’s (public) data for our own ventures?

Distributed data ecosystem

Build a distributed data ecosystem to facilitate a circular economy

BUIDL with the Dutch Land & Building Registry (Kadaster). What if buildings have wallets? What will they HODL. How can we create an open distributed data ecosystem where all information on real objects is readily available for authorized persons and machines? Help make validated information transparent and accessible, and enable cities to deal better with the ongoing urbanization.

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Becoming an oracle

Becoming an oracle in the digital infrastructure of a nation

BUIDL with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce to improve trust in the digital business world. Can we create an autonomous, independent business identity checker? How will an independent oracle have a role in the Digital Infrastructure of a Nation?

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Digital permissions

An open source, decentralized and government backed protocol for registering and communicating digital permissions

BUIDL an open-source, decentralized and Government-backed protocol to enable everyone to become fully responsible for their own digital permissions, from accepting cookies to approving invoices. The solution you create with the Ministry of Justice and Security could be a crucial building block for usage in e-commerce, medical systems, and many other sectors.

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