Open-source 911 for digital space

Province of Groningen and Cybersecurity Noord-Nederland invite you to help in the challenge of creating an open-source automated dispatch center in the digital space, allowing any organization to improve its reporting, warning, and response mechanisms.

Winning Solutions

Cyber Justice Warriors

The Problem

There isn’t a true security community or ecosystem that allows and incentivize everyone to contribute, warn, and act on cyber incidents.

The solution

A distributed public-private partnership network leveraging the wisdom of the crowd to tackle the relentless growth of cybercrime. In other words, we are prototyping a digital dispatch center where various stakeholders can contribute and receive actionable intelligence.

Long term vision

To build a community-based ecosystem, which gives MKBs, ITSPs, public actors, and non-profits the agility to defend against cyber threats. Via near-real-time dissemination of highly relevant and actionable cyber-threat intelligence, CJW proactively defends members from active attacks. CJW offers a novel approach to machine-to-machine information sharing that enables a synchronized defense.

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