Inclusive safety communities

The Dutch Police and the Dutch Public Safety Alliance invite you to help in the challenge of matching the right citizen to the right situation emergency in order to help professionals and create a community that contributes to safety.

Winning Solutions


The Problem

Emergency dispatchers manage and control the flow of information, tools and expertise in emergency situations. Their ability to get help to where it is needed is dependent on the resources available to them. How can the 112-dispatch center find and connect to (qualified) citizens, who are able to assist or even solve situations while the professionals are on their way.

The solution

We connect the dispatch to a pool of volunteers from several citizen helper applications. This allows dispatchers to manage qualified volunteers in much the same way they currently manage emergency services using systems and communities already in place. Getting the right volunteer help to the right location quickly and safely.

Long term vision

People want to help. Our solution has given them the knowledge and tools to be confident in their ability to help. People are aware of their environment and how they can be calm and collected in small and big emergency situations.

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