Protecting marine biodiversity in international waters

The International Council of Environmental Law and the International Union for Conservation of Nature invite you to help in the challenge of enabling anyone to act on behalf of nature through stories backed up by data, in a world where data access is limited, especially for low income communities.

Winning Solutions


The Problem

The Sargasso Sea is a fragile ecosystem. Due to its location, it is hard to monitor, hard to protect, but essential to understanding more about the dynamics of human-nature interaction. A dramatic increase in fishing vessels in the Sargasso Sea’s eastern part within less than ten years made observers curious of the ships’ activities in the area. We will shine a light on that stage!

Their solution

We want to incentivize fisheries to share their data on routes and catch in and around the Sargasso Sea. By self-reporting their activities in the area of interest, the fisheries can gain a favorable rating and open up a communication channel to establish common ground with other stakeholders in the area. We provide a transparent, trustworthy, and controlled single source of truth.

Long term vision

In a self-governing environment with incentivized behavior, fisheries in and around the Sargasso Sea (and other marine ecosystems) motivate the market’s sell and buy-side to act sustainably. A global governance platform makThe governance platform is based on transparent and immutable data, recorded by fisheries and backed up by remote sensing and earth observation data for two-factor confirmation.

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