From plastic pollution to upcycling economy

VMware, DAML, and Dell Boomi invite you to help in the challenge of enabling more corporations to utilize the global supply chain by ensuring social benefits for communities renewable plastics sourcing plastic from the ocean and beaches.

Winning Solutions


Created by Circularise and School of Data Science

The Problem

LACK OF TRANSPARENCY AT FIRST MILE: The value of waste is highly dependent on transparency, as without answering the “where, who and what” there is too much risk for brands. The current system is further biased towards perfect data leaving those communities with the most waste, but with lesser data collection abilities, behind.

Their solution

REPORTING FRAMEWORK DRIVING SYSTEMIC CHANGE: WASTEPOINTS (WP): an easy to understand grading system that combines trustworthy data sourced via existing frameworks and new innovations around social, environmental and impact elements together with incentives to directly increase the livelihoods of the waste pickers and makes systemic change a priority. WASTEPARTY.ORG: apps using the WP framework

Long term vision steers the global secondary raw materials market towards a transparent and ethical ecosystem by leveraging existing market forces. Waste pickers around the world now have a clear path to improve their livelihoods, regardless of where they stand today. Corporates can make de-risked purchases of secondary raw materials, while directly contributing to multiple SDGs.

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