Consumer- and orgaization-driven decarbonization

VMware, DAML and Dell Boomi invite you to help in the challenge of incentivizing consumers and organizations to accelerate decarbonization by creating a CO2 footprint measurement, accountability and investment tool.

Winning Solutions


The Problem

Road freight transport accounts for 30% of total Co2 emissions within Transportation sector. We want to tackle the lack of participation.

Their solution

Publishing a Leaderboard (LB) that contains accurate and trusthworthy data on the Co2 emissions for individual transport companies. The transport companies will be ranked. The first stage LB is filled by open public data sources, which makes the LB independent. The board will be public and transparent by design.

Long term vision

Tracking carbon emission in the transport sector to specify sources (in real time) independently & publicly. Hosting a LEADERBOARD to stimulate all ecosystem stakeholders to decarbonize.

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