The future of acute healthcare

UMCG, City of Groningen, Hanze UAS, University of Groningen, Province of Groningen and Odyssey invite you to help in the challenge of leveraging the right combination of caregivers, resources and time across the region for patients in order to have optimal accessibility of acute healthcare.

Winning Solutions


The Problem

The current system for moving patients who have recovered only starts running on the day itself. Patients are given a ‘well enough to move out’ signal between 2 and 4 in the afternoon, and only then the wheels start turning: a care home will have to make all the arrangements, have the capacity, has to have the personnel and there has to be transported in the form of an ambulance.

The solution

Wavy’s AI estimates the expected duration of your stay in the hospital from the minute data becomes available about you as a patient and updates it when needed. Based on this estimate, care home capacity, and transportation availability, optimal reservations are automatically made.

Thanks to this, you will not spend a day longer in the hospital than you need to be. No more uncertainty on when exactly you are allowed to leave.

Long term vision

Welcome to the emergency room, my name is Wavy, I’m your personal AI health assistant. I’m sorry to tell you, your leg seems broken from your latest extreme hoverboarding session. No worries though, it’s non-life-threatening, you will be treated in the next 5 minutes. I crunched the numbers and expect you will have to stay here for observation for 5 days. After this, you can be moved to a care home for a full recovery. I’ve made the reservation care home “#skaterboizz”, which specializes in your kind of injuries and is located close to home. Transportation has been reserved as well: an Almost Ambulance. All the benefits of an ambulance, but none of the cost. Of course, life is uncertain, so I will keep crunching these numbers and updating my expectations as more up to date information comes in. Get well soon and enjoy your stay as much as that is possible.

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