Future-proof infrastructure for smart meter

Vattenfall invites you to help in the challenge of providing smart meter data autonomy for prosumers in order for anyone mandated to use the smart meter data to create new feedback loops and invent new business models.

Winning Solutions

Bencom Group

The Problem

The current smart meter protocol is limited. – 24 hours delayed data insight, which is limiting the energy transition goals – Consumer has no control over their data – Smart meter communication (GPRS) is not future proof and will create the situation that the smart meter data cannot be transferred anymore

The solution

We will make the smart meter smarter by making the procedures behind the meter smart. Our new protocol will provide a solution for the short and long term issues at hand. Our solution will prevent the situation that we have to replace all old smart meters, which have just been placed throughout the past few years for over 1 billion euros in the Netherlands.

Long term vision

The consumer is in full control of their own smart meter data. Through our solution, it is also possible to use energy that has been locally generated or stored. This in an addition to the national grid the consumer is connected to. So, the consumer can have several suppliers on one address and even be a producer themselves.

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