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The City of the Hague invites you to help in the challenge of automating access to and governance of a public digital ecosystem for citizens and stakeholders within the Living Lab Scheveningen: An innovation playground for digital solutions in public space. Join us to solve real societal problems with digital innovations.

Winning Solutions


The Problem

Current crowd management approach is not efficient_ no real-time insight and pro-active intervention _Camera/IoT-based crowd management solutions are not scalable_ privacy concerns, lack of acceptance by citizens, siloed and owner based detection, single-purpose devices, bad interoperability (not open source, no APIs) (After +30 session with different stakeholders)

The solution

__Privacy-enforcing event detection platform__ – Local AI event detection (Crowd Density detection) – Real-time anonymization (face, body, number plate) – optional – Event detection dashboard- for stakeholders to see – Multi-party sharing – access management on data and application

Long term vision

Governance of AI between all parties on all levels – from Data up until Inference! From Crowd Density Distribution over the control room until Emergency response.

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