Driving inclusive adoption of living labs

The City of The Hague invites you to help in the challenge of giving all citizens and companies a reason to interact with the public digital ecosystem of the city in order to improve livability, democratic representation and societal engagement.

Winning Solutions


The Problem

Scheveningen is a great place to be, but sometimes overcrowded and unbalanced in the needs of residents, business owners, and government. We want to re-establish this balance.

The solution

We incentivize all members of the living lab ecosystem leveraging tools to co-create and co-own their urban environment, using SSI infrastructure and tokenized voting procedures. So they can balance their needs.

Long term vision

Scheveningen is governed by the community. The art of co-creation is nearing perfection and creative destruction is the maintenance paradigm. Every year the boulevard and beachside transform according to the needs of the ecosystem. We see more color and diversity, a truly relaxing place where residents and visitors are proud to be part of.

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