A digital architecture for peace

Business Plan for Peace and the Dutch Ministry of Defence invite you to help in the challenge of preventing human suffering and shifting humanity’s habit away from violent conflict towards the prevention of conflict.

Winning Solutions


The Problem

Existing early warning systems miss the most timely, local-level signals of conflict due to stagnant technology and a siloed understanding of the meaning of peace across communities.

The solution

A highly-secure, easy-to-use early-warning system that empowers local people to define the meaning of peace for their specific community and act as sensors who send trustworthy signals when they perceive changes to that peace.

Long term vision

Our vision is to provide an easy, quick, and reliable civic society platform where local communities worldwide feel empowered to self-organize peace communities. By providing such a technology, people’s trust in civic cooperation will increase, thus providing a better foundation for dialogue, deescalation, and peace building.

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