Momentum Roadmap

Odyssey continues developing Momentum and improving its functionality with regard to open source web3 metaverse principles.

✅ Phase 0

Momentum prototype used at the Odyssey Hackathon November 2020.

Stats: 2500 participants, 21 challenges from web3 initiatives, corporates, governments, NGOs, 100 teams, €200k prize money.

Peak performance: 1600 participants from 60 countries logged in simultaneously (same shard).

✅ Phase I

First 1000 users in closed alpha release. Testing multiple use-cases: innovation, collaborative events, community organizing, hackathons, education.

Deploy multi-world version, enabling users to host their own 3D world with Momentum as it's management system.

Open alpha release to the public. Users can start their own initiative/ experiment in our Alpha World.

✅ Phase II

Metamask integration

Token gated access

Proof of attendance token integration

Social UI v1

Stage mode

Kusama Treasury grant received

✅ Phase III

Momentum Beta Release

Kusamaverse ignited - Milestone 1

Polkadot.JS Integration

Kusama Relay chain integration

Kusama validator node integration

Validator Entity community spaces

Kusama Staking

Community gathering spaces

High volume gatherings

Open source The Momentum Stack

🚀 Phase IV

Release Momentum 3D World builder + SDK

Kusamaverse ignited - Milestone 2

NFT integration

Kusama Parachain integration

Parachain auctions

Parachain community spaces

Hackathon arena

Mobile client

Momentum Node Management System

Deploy Momentum parachain

Social Networking activated

Phase V

Release Momentum Explorer

Release VR client

Release desktop client

Phase VI

Launch Momentum DAO


*This roadmap is subject to change due to (future) insights