Host a conference in the Metaverse!

An inspiring 3D environment that gives each participant full agency over their conference experience. Fly to explore and join collaborative spaces, meet and engage with any participant!

Your conference in Momentum

Individual agency

An inspiring 3D environment that gives each participant full agency over their conference experience - fly to explore and join collaborative spaces, meet and engage with any participant.

Shared activities

Each conference partner and speaker has full ownership over their own customizable collaborative space. Here, they share their ambitions, host sessions, and collaborate with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Get Momentum

Set up your conference in 5 steps

  1. Choose from our conference templates or start from scratch
  2. Launch all collaborative spaces you need - for your speakers and partners
  3. Give editing rights to speakers and partners
  4. Invite them to customize and populate with content and visuals to prepare their space for hosting their sessions
  5. Create and customize shared areas for participants to network and interact in shared activities

Ready to go!

Manage your conference

  1. Everyone comes flying in and lands at your central hub.
  2. You start your opening show, broadcasted to all participants.
  3. All participants are free to fly around, find their sessions, visit partner spaces and network
  4. You can instantly notify participants on program elements and opportunities relevant for them
  5. The 3D world and all content co-created during the conference will stay available for participants 24/7

An open invitation to keep the conversation going!

Participant experience

  1. After registration, a participant flies into an immersive, tailor made 3D environment.
  2. There is a central hub with all conference information. Navigate to anywhere in one click.
  3. The 3D environment enables everyone to meet and talk to their fellow conference participants, 1-on-1 or in bigger groups.
  4. Any session is an interactive one - participants by default engage and co-create in collaboration rooms.
  5. After the conference, the 3D environment remains open for participants and speakers to keep collaborating on their session topics.
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Speaker experience

  1. After registering, a speaker is granted editing rights to their own conference session space.
  2. Speaker uploads content and visuals, thereby customizing their space to their liking.
  3. Speaker chooses - from a range of integrated collaborative tools - their favourites to use during the session.
  4. During the session, speaker and participants engage in an interactive way using selected collaborative tools.
  5. The co-created results can be taken forward by the speaker and all participants, as the session space is persistent and accessible for anyone to keep collaborating post-conference.

Momentum pricing


Shared collaborative environment
For online or hybrid conferences
€2500/ monthly
  • Immersive and customizable 3D environment
  • Each participant has a 3D presence and can engage in shared activities
  • Central hub for welcoming participants
  • Gathering and networking area
  • 3D interactive expo booths
  • 1-1 chats and high-fives
  • Instant live stream-broadcast to all or selected attendees
  • Own modifiable session space for each speaker
  • Continuous participant contribution to sessions, before, during, and after
  • Collaboration mode for interactive sessions with tools integrated (Miro, Google Docs, YouTube, etc)
  • Repository of all conference take aways
  • Unlimited attendees
  • Unlimited speakers and stages
Get Momentum for your conference

Optional: Your own 3D world

Your own, highly interactive world.

3D, live and persistent.

Where relevant connections are made, ideas, problems and solutions are shared and where your stakeholders come together to collaborate on the challenges you jointly face.

  • An open 3D environment where anyone can instantly contribute to your goals.
  • Designed to host the global interaction and public collaboration of your organization or community.
  • Customized design, fitting your identity and narrative.
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