Your community in the Metaverse!

An immersive 3D environment representing your identity and narrative that gives your community members a shared place and sense of belonging. Host your DAO, initiatives, and events!

Your community HQ

Own customised world

One 3D world, where your entire community feels at home. Full ownership of your own collaborative environment that you design, host, and govern.

Web3 native

A digital environment with all information and activities in one place. (Coming in January 2022) Metamask wallet integration, token gated access, proof of attendance tokens, and more.


Get Momentum

Setting up & onboarding in 5 steps

  1. Use our SDK to build your own world, customised and with the governance you envision
  2. Launch all spaces you need for your community to thrive, with clear onboarding pathways
  3. Give these users dedicated ownership and editing rights over their own space
  4. Invite users to populate their spaces with relevant materials to share with the community
  5. All users can now share initiatives, proposals, whiteboards, documents, host events, and collaborate with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Ready to go!

We've built the basics, what's next?

  1. Economic decisions - Treasury management
  2. NFTs/ creating and minting
  3. Tailor made - Integrate whatever tools work for you.

And much much more! :)

Our full roadmap