Building the open source web3 metaverse stack

Momentum enables digital societies to create, build and scale together in an open source decentralized metaverse network. With Kusamaverse, Momentum offers the place for the Dotsama community to gather, engage in on-chain and off-chain activities - staking, parachain auctions, governance, and gatherings, as a shared experience in the metaverse.

Building the Kusamaverse - Milestone 2

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Igniting The Kusamaverse

Motion #499: Building the Kusamaverse - Milestone 2

The Kusamaverse is a real-time and persistent 3D home for the Dotsama ecosystem, where utilities, communities and activities come alive, come together and thrive. Enabling a new way for users to navigate, connect and contribute to and benefit.

We delivered on milestone 1 of the project and launched the Kusamaverse on May 24th.

Our goal is to turn the Kusama User Experience into an inspiring, social and rewarding world where we are connected, where we are co-creating and where we are able to unlock our potential and the superpowers of the Dotsama ecosystem.

Milestone 2 proposal has been approved by Kusama Council.

Building the Kusamaverse - Milestone 2

Our proposal (Motion 499) to build Kusamaverse milestone 2 has been approved by Kusama Council.

  • Governance - Polkassembly visualised and interactive + grant programs
  • Parachains - Auctions, crowd loans + parachain subspaces
  • Wallet integration - Talisman, Fearless, Nova and SubWallet.
  • Staking - User interface upgrade
  • Hackathon arena - real online collaborative hack experience + on-chain bounties
  • User activity timeline - tailor made ‘activity-update-timeline’ for users
  • NFTs - display your NFTs in profile and spaces in Kusamaverse
  • Guided tour - comfortable on-boarding for new people + ‘fly with me’.
  • Mobile version for gatherings
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How to get involved

In the coming months we will work closely with the  Kusama community.

We are looking for:

  1. Tech experts with deep knowledge of Kusama’s inner workings
  2. Artists that want to provide input on  what the Kusamaverse could look, feel and sound like.
  3. People/ teams that run parachains (both pre and post auction)
  4. People that run validator nodes
  5. Digital artists involved into collaborative art projects
  6. Kusama ambassadors and event organizers
  7. People with crazy ideas. Honestly you can’t go crazy enough.
Get in touch on Discord Opening - Dotsamanauts assemble!

Momentum Roadmap

Odyssey continues developing Momentum and improving its functionality with regard to open source web3 metaverse principles.

✅ Phase 0

Momentum prototype used at the Odyssey Hackathon November 2020.

Stats: 2500 participants, 21 challenges from web3 initiatives, corporates, governments, NGOs, 100 teams, €200k prize money.

Peak performance: 1600 participants from 60 countries logged in simultaneously (same shard).

✅ Phase I

First 1000 users in closed alpha release. Testing multiple use-cases: innovation, collaborative events, community organizing, hackathons, education.

Deploy multi-world version, enabling users to host their own 3D world with Momentum as it's management system.

Open alpha release to the public. Users can start their own initiative/ experiment in our Alpha World.

✅ Phase II

Metamask integration

Token gated access

Proof of attendance token integration

Social UI v1

Stage mode

Kusama Treasury grant received

✅ Phase III

Momentum Beta Release

Kusamaverse ignited - Milestone 1

Polkadot.JS Integration

Kusama Relay chain integration

Kusama validator node integration

Validator Entity community spaces

Kusama Staking

Community gathering spaces

High volume gatherings

Open source The Momentum Stack

🚀 Phase IV

Release Momentum 3D World builder + SDK

Kusamaverse ignited - Milestone 2

NFT integration

Kusama Parachain integration

Parachain auctions

Parachain community spaces

Hackathon arena

Mobile client

Momentum Node Management System

Deploy Momentum parachain

Social Networking activated

Phase V

Release Momentum Explorer

Release VR client

Release desktop client

Phase VI

Launch Momentum DAO


*This roadmap is subject to change due to (future) insights